Generating Leads But Low Conversions — What’s The Issue?

Find out why your leads aren't converting and how pre-qualification can turn things around. Learn practical strategies to focus on quality over quantity and maximize your ROI.

Key Takeaways

  • Issue Identification: Lack of pre-qualification leads to low conversion rates despite generating leads.
  • Consequences: Wasted time, negative brand perception, and poor ROI.
  • Solution: Implement pre-qualification to focus on high-quality leads, improve customer experience, and optimize marketing ROI.

We recently met with a prospect who is generating considerable leads from Facebook and even their website however they’re seeing only 1–2% conversion rates. They asked us to help them identify where the issue was in their sales process and without looking into the entire process, we noted that there was no pre-qualification of these leads. Especially because they sell properties and do not offer rentals, however they have multiple leads of people looking to rent from them.

Think about it. They’re diligently attracting prospects, but without any filters in place, they’re welcoming everyone — from casual property admirers to those simply seeking rental options (their business solely focuses on property sales).

The consequences?

  • Wasted Sales Team Time: Precious hours spent nurturing leads who ultimately wouldn’t convert, leading to frustration and inefficiency.
  • Negative Brand Perception: Unqualified leads, bombarded with irrelevant information, might feel misled and leave negative reviews.
  • Poor Marketing ROI: Facebook ad spend wasn’t delivering the desired ROI, targeting the wrong audience and draining resources.

The solution, however, is clear and refreshingly simple: pre-qualification. By implementing some basic filters, this client could:

  • Focus on High-Quality Leads: Filter out unqualified leads upfront and let their sales team focus on those ready to buy, skyrocketing conversion rates and closing more deals.
  • Improve Customer Experience: Qualified leads receive relevant information and services, leading to a more positive experience and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Optimize Marketing ROI: Targeting the right audience with Facebook ads leads to better click-through rates, lower cost per lead, and increased return on investment.

So, how can they put this into practice?

  • Refine Facebook Ad Targeting: Utilize demographics, interests, and online behavior to attract leads actively seeking to buy properties.
  • Craft Compelling Landing Page Copy: Clearly communicate their focus on sales, discouraging irrelevant leads from submitting information.
  • Implement Pre-Qualification Questions: A short quiz on budget, timeline, and property type can effectively filter out unqualified leads before they reach the sales team.

Remember, pre-qualification isn’t about building walls; it’s about focusing resources on the right audience. By implementing these strategies, this can transform your own lead flood into great conversions, turning prospects into satisfied customers and boosting your bottom line.

This experience reminded us of the power of understanding your target audience and tailoring your approach accordingly. By putting pre-qualification at the heart of your strategy, you can unlock a world of efficient sales and happy customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lead Generation and Conversion:

While demographics, interests, and online behavior offer valuable insights, consider these additional pre-qualification methods:

  • Budget: Can they afford your product or service? Understanding their budget constraints helps identify realistic opportunities.
  • Decision-making authority: Do they have the power to make purchasing decisions, or do they need approval from others? Targeting decision-makers streamlines the sales process.
  • Pain points and needs: Do their challenges align with your solution? Identifying their specific needs allows you to tailor your approach and demonstrate value efficiently.
  • Engagement level: How actively are they interacting with your brand? High engagement signals a potential interest and higher likelihood of conversion.

Finding the sweet spot requires a two-pronged approach:

  • Optimize lead generation: Focus on attracting high-quality leads by refining your target audience and marketing strategies. This reduces the need for extensive pre-qualification later.
  • Implement a tiered qualification process: Start with broader criteria to gather a larger pool, then use progressive profiling to gather further details and qualify leads more effectively as they engage with your brand.

By focusing on attracting the right leads initially and implementing a gradual qualification process, you can strike a balance between lead volume and quality, maximizing your conversion potential.

While pre-qualification offers numerous benefits, it’s important to be aware of potential drawbacks:

  • Excluding qualified leads: Overly stringent criteria might filter out potentially good customers. Regularly review and adjust your criteria to ensure you’re not missing valuable opportunities.
  • Lengthening the sales cycle: Pre-qualification can add an extra step to the process. Streamline the process to minimize delays and ensure a smooth buying journey.

Mitigate these downsides by carefully calibrating your criteria, ensuring a smooth and efficient pre-qualification process, and regularly evaluating its effectiveness to avoid unnecessary exclusions.

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